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Let's Go Greener

Are you up to the Greener IT Challenge? There are so many opportunities to make more environmentally friendly choices every time you buy, use and dispose of IT equipment like PCs.
The decisions you make have a big impact on your wallet and the environment.

Here's the challenge. Do you and your company:

  • Buy smart: Purchase only certified PCs that have been manufactured in more environmentally sustainable ways?
  • Use smart: Understand power options so your PC uses less electricity.
  • Dispose safely: Dispose of used electronics so they can be reused and recycled and cause minimal harm to the environment?

For a healthier,happier planet learn more today! Watch our video and see our training sessions. Then take our short multiple choice test to claim your Greener IT Challenge certificate.

Don't stop there: Help us reach others and get everyone to rise to the challenge of greener IT.

A BIG impact!

EPEAT-certified notebooks, PCs and monitors purchased worldwide in 2010 reduced the use of toxic materials by 1,156 metric tons.*

That's equivalent to the weight of 192 elephants!

*EPEAT Annual Report 2010

PCs, the planet and you

It takes a lot of raw materials, energy and water to make a PC. Minimise the impact with the right choices.
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Buy smart

Easily buy eco-friendly electronics by looking out for these international accreditations.
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Use smart

Cut power and energy costs by using the right PC configurations.
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Dispose safely

Recycle, or safely dispose of IT equipment to reduce the harm to people, the planet and, potentially, even your privacy.
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Spread the word!

Influence people’s and companies’ purchasing and recycling behaviour, for a bigger impact on the planet.
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